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Search for films, TV shows, music, e-books, games and sports events online – legally, quickly and easily. Search in your own language.

Searching for legal content online can be difficult. Many sites that host illegal content look very similar to legal sites, so you might not be able to tell the difference between what is legal and what is not.

Streamalagligt.se is a portal in Sweden that allows you to search sites for music, film & television, e-books, games and sports events. It provides fast and easy access to legal offers online.

European research and studies have shown that many EU citizens don’t know where to find legal digital content sources. For example, only half say they know where to go to download TV series legally. Therefore, we created Steramalagligt.se to provide a single access point to Legal Offer websites in Sweden to allow you to find legal content sources easily and quickly.

Streamalagligt.se also provides an overview of the websites offering legal creative content in Sweden. It contains useful information, including statistics, for citizens and businesses.

Who is behind Streamalagligt.se?

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) is the centre for intellectual property rights. We strive to promote innovation and growth in Sweden.

With Streamalagligt.se, we hope that you will find an interesting and exciting range of legal content online.


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